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Dear guests, welcome to Čilipi, the one place that nurtures traditional values of Konavle that even today reflect through traditional cultural heritage and beautiful Konavle national costumes, well known for their elegance and characteristical silk Konavle embroidery. Our folklore group will itroduce you to the traditional of Konavle, the southernmost region of Croatia through specific traditional songs and dances. We hope that your stay in Čilipi will always remain in good memory. Thank you for your visit and come again.

Folklore manifestation takes place on every Sunday on 11.15 a.m., right after the holy mass, and it lasts from Palm Sunday until the beginning of November. Already from 9 a.m.onwards, one can take a look at the exhibited traditional handicrafts,  visit the museum and taste the sweet traditional wine Prošek or brandy Travarica while klapa Čilipi (klapa is a Dalmatian a cappella harmony-singing group) performs beutiful dalmatian songs.

«Potkolo» – the oldest type of kolo (Croatian folk dance) from Konavle is the first dance that the ansamble performs, followed by the dance «Poskočica», and finally dance «Čičak». During the latter dance, young men approach the girls in a playful manner and take them for a dance. As a central part of the program, we will show you the wedding habits of Konavli. The bride and groom come out in company of a woman, the bride passes on zahari (special candy), and the host speaks out loud the verses of Konavoska zdravica (special traditional Konavle toast) and raises his glass in honor of the wedded couple and guests. After the toast, one has a chance to take a look at the dance «Namiguša», it is indeed a very interesting dance due to the fact that the dancing partners  wink at each other. Finally, you  can listen to two Dalmatian songs performed by klapa Čilipi, and you will look at the famous Linđo dance, with its extraordinary sound of ljerica from Dubrovačko primorje, what is certainly the most atractive part of our program. At the very end, we invite you to waltz with us, take photographs and share your impressions with us.  

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