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You can reach us from Cavtat by car, taxi or bus. The bus departs at 9:00 am from the main bus station in Cavtat, 9:05 am in front of the Hotel Croatia and 9:15 am in front of the Albatros Hotel. From Dubrovnik other than car or various taxi services you can also use bus line number 10 (Dubrovnik-Cavtat) with departure at 8:00 am from the main bus station in Dubrovnik (see timetable). At the last stop you can get on the bus to Čilipi folklor with departure at 09:00 am.



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«Čilipi are no longer what they used to be.», a 90-year old Ane Carević speaks and nodds her head. «The people have changed and so have their ways of living. Hardly anybody works on the fields, there is hardly any wine left, just like the famous Konavle silk.»

There was a time when the land along the river Kopačica - the miraculous river of the Čilipi field, was rich in grapes, in particular the types Kadarun, Dalmatinke and Grk, and even more in water mellons, pumpkins and beet. But now, forthe longest time, grass has covered the fields; nobody mows the grass and nobody grazes on her. But who would deal with this when there is only one cow left in the village, and the hoe, plough and scythe are only occasionally used by elderly natives. In Čilipi, no one lives off agriculture anymore.Buy Kicks | Nike News

Read more: Folklore Society ČilipiFolklore Society «Čilipi» as it is called today, was founded in 1954. under the name Folklore Society «Vladimir Nazor». It was initiated by a group of enthusiasts. At that time, inhabitants of Čilipi used to gather in front of the church and within the village treasury,  all of them wanting to initiate cultural manifestations in their home town. However, cultural events did take place prior to the founding of the asociation KUD «Čilipi» before and after the Second world war and some of the founders of KUD «Čilipi» participated in it.

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