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Folklore performance takes place on every Sunday on 11.15 a.m., right after the holy mass, and it lasts from Easter until the beginning of November. Already from 9 a.m. onwards, one can take a look at the exhibited traditional handicrafts, visit the museum and taste the sweet traditional wine Prošek or brandy Travarica while klapa Čilipi (klapa is a Dalmatian a cappella harmony-singing group) performs beutiful dalmatian songs.

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Read more: Konavle EmbroideryThe embroidery from Konavle, so - called «Poprsnica», is a basic decorative textile element of women's national and traditional costume. It is made in technique of the counting of the threads of the basic fabric tissue. A strictly symmetric ornament contains the numberless decorative motives.

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A toast is surely one of the most festive moments at every Konavle wedding. A toast is used to congratulate the entire wedding party, especially the newlyweds, and thank God for success and happiness in the upcoming life journey. A wedding toast is a common moment in other regions as well, however, Konavle toast is the best way to reflect centuries-old religions and cultures of the people from the far part of southern Croatia. The host speaks the toast regularly in the central part of the wedding, before the meat is placed on the table, and the guests are on their feet with a glass of wine in their hands and actively participating by answering the parts of hosts' toast. Almost every village of the Konavle region has its own kind of toast, however, the message that the toast presents and the manner through which it is presented are equal in all areas of Konavle region.

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